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GoEdit build-in Attachment Checkout

GoEdit for Jira and Confluence comes with a free build-in attachment checkout functionality to ensure, only one particular user can edit an attachment at a time. 

Cenote Lockpoint Integration

Starting with the GoEdit 5.1 release the Cenote Lockpoint integration has been re-added on top of the locking functionality of GoEdit itself and provides the following features:

  • Cenote Lockpoint's locking and unlocking functions are seamlessly integrated with GoEdit
  • GoEdit “Edit attachment” function locks files in Cenote Lockpoint
  • GoEdit file locks are displayed by Cenote Lockpoint's regular user interface
  • "Save" and "Cancel" within the GoEdit dialog unlock Cenote Lockpoint file locks

Using GoEdit

  • GoEdit can be used as usual and will automatically create and remove locks of attachments in Cenote Lockpoint as neccessary.

Using Cenote Lockpoint

The usual buttons can be used to lock and unlock attachments within Cenote Lockpoint.

  • GoEdit will respect locked attachments that were locked in Cenote Lockpoint and show an appropriate message when an edit button is clicked.
  • Unlocking attachments in Cenote Lockpoint will unlock them for GoEdit as well.

Comparison "GoEdit build-in" vs "Lockpoint" checkout

  GoEdit Attachment Checkout Cenote Lockpoint
Free build-in into GoEdit yes no, has to be aquired seperatly
Attachment Checkout Secures the GoEdit-Editing-Process only General, system wide checkout
for different subsystems
Page Checkout - Can checkout pages
3rd-Party Checkout - Gliffy, WebDAV, Lucidcharts and more


In general Lockpoints goal is a more global, complete avoidance if parallel editing attempts. It integrates with whole Confluence system and subsystem - it is a very complete and advanced implementation. It also integrates with several 3rd-party subsystems.

GoEdit concentrates on ensuring, that only one user is able to edit an attachment using GoEdit at a time. For example, if a user is editing a attachment using GoEdit, no other user can do the same using GoEdit. An important note here is, a different user can attach a new attachment version using the Confluence manually during that time - since this is just a new revision, no changes are lost.

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