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Installation via GPO

Please follow along this guide. Please note that publishing is not supported right now from the GoEdit MSI. Only the assigning functionality is working right now.

What happens when a user has already a manually installed per user installation of the MSI and the per machine installation by GPO is installed?

Deploying the application globally will persist existing user installations (if the MSI was used to install GoEdit in advance). GoEdit will continue to work with both installations running, preferring the user installed version. Users can uninstall GoEdit from the StartMenu in that case, the per machine installation will remain untouched in that case.

You can automatically uninstall per User installations by executing this command via Group Policy Scripts. Make sure this is performed in a USER CONTEXT (see here). Otherwise the per machine installation will be removed.

wmic product where name='GoEdit' call uninstall

What happens if a user tries to install a GoEdit MSI although the per machine version is already deployed?

If a MSI package was deployed per machine already, users will be able to start the MSI installer if they download it, but it will run in admin mode automatically, and hence ask for credentials at some point. So a user won’t be able to install GoEdit locally once it has been deployed per machine.

General information

Execution in several different contexts and modes

The MSI install package is per default always executed in a per user mode, so if you call

msiexec /i GoEdit-windows.msi

It does not matter whether you are running a normal prompt or an elevated prompt. This is due to technical limitations. Otherwise a user installation would trigger User Access Control.

So, to execute a per machine setup via command line silently you need to run an elevated prompt and then add the /qn and the ALLUSERS=1 parameter.

Run following command to install GoEdit silently for all users to the default "C:\Program Files\KontextWork\GoEdit" folder

msiexec /i GoEdit-windows.msi /qn ALLUSERS=1

You can also specify the installation directory for the silent mode

msiexec /i GoEdit-windows.msi /qn ALLUSERS=1 INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\GoEdit"

What if there is an old version installed by the old Installer (GoEdit-windows.exe)?

This installation will not be detected by the MSI and therefore cannot be removed automatically. You need to take care of removing this old installation on your own. Again, you can use Group Policy User Logon/Logoff scripts to remove the application before you deploy the MSI the first time. Simply run the same command as mentioned above, from within a user logon/logoff script.

wmic product where name='GoEdit' call uninstall

If you have installed GoEdit per machine with the old installer, just switch to a computer startup/shutdown script for the same command (see here).


The MSI will allow installations as long as the version is the same or higher than the installed version. Trying to install an older version will result in an error. Please uninstall the application first if you would like to downgrade.

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