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Standard Procedure

To edit an attachment from your wiki proceed as follows:

  • Click the "Edit Attachment" link (on the right side): 1629 Edit Attachment, step 1: click "Edit Attachment".
  • A dialog in your browser shows up, and the GoEdit client is started automatically.
    • When you use GoEdit for the first time, your browser will likely ask for confirmation. We advice you to permanently allow your browser to handle goedit-links with the GoEdit application (see red mark in the images below). The dialog slightly differs for each browser:1630 Edit Attachment: Confirmation dialog (Internet Explorer)


      1631 Edit Attachment: Confirmation dialog (Ubuntu, Firefox)  
  • GoEdit then downloads the attachment to your local system, and opens the file with your standard application. GoEdit's tray icon will appear and will inform you about what it is doing:1632 Tray Icon on Windows: just finished downloading the attachment.
  • Whenever you save your file from within your standard application, GoEdit uploads a draft version to the server.
  • After you finished editing your file, switch back to your browser and click the "Save permanently" button: 1633 Finished Editing: Save attachment.

Tray Icon

GoEdit's tray icon has the following options:1635 Tray Icon (on Windows).

  • "Open Document Folder": Starts your file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer, Finder on Mac OS) showing GoEdit's local document storage. You can use this to manually upload a file version when your computer crashed.
  • "About": Shows information about the application, including GoEdit's application version. 
  • "Quit": Shuts down the application.


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